Trans Vanguard Governance

Our governance reflects our vision, mission and humanitarian principles to ensure our strategic direction is set by our members.

Organizational Governance

Decisions on Trans Vanguard direction and policy are made by our governing bodies, detailed below, which also provide a structure for accountability and compliance.

Trans Vanguard secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of Trans Vanguard and is directed by the Executive Director. It consists of a headquarters in Maseru (Capital city), Lesotho, southern Africa, ambassadors` coordinating offices in 10 districts of Lesotho.

Our governing bodies

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GM) is the highest decision-making body of Trans Vanguard and meets every two years. It is made up of representatives from all 10 districts of Lesotho who vote on our policies and strategy. It approves a two-year plan and budget for the Trans Vanguard.

Governing Board of Directors

The Governing Board of Directors governs Trans Vanguard between general assemblies and meets twice a year. It has the authority to make certain decisions as determined by Trans Vanguard Constitution and is responsible for appointing the Executive Director.

Commissions and committees

Trans Vanguard has four constitutional committees which advise on different areas of our work:

  • Nominating committee
  • Budget and finance committee
  • Programmes committee
  • Fundraising committee


The chairperson is the highest personality within Trans Vanguard. He is responsible for guiding Trans Vanguard, ensuring it acts in line with decisions made by its governing bodies and exercises its functions as defined in our constitution.

 Executive Director

The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of Trans Vanguard and directs the secretariat.

 Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors countrywide are the beating heart of Trans Vanguard. They are our strength. They are what define us. And they help make the world a safer and more peaceful place every single day.

Ambassadors` volunteering has been a part of our network since we were founded 2017. To this day, voluntary service—helping others without desire for personal gain—remains one of our fundamental principles guiding everything we do.

Our ambassadors are also involved in activities such as:

  • Supporting isolated communities
  • Providing comfort and care to people on the move
  • Leading community health campaigns so people know how to live long and healthy lives
  • Search and rescue efforts and reuniting families in the wake of a disaster
  • Running youth programmes
  • And much, much more.

Beyond delivering services, our ambassadors play a vital role improving community resilience and unity. They also advocate fiercely on behalf of vulnerable people. The scale and scope of what they undertake and achieve every day across the country is amazing.