Entrepreneurs and Managers of made in Italy


Entrepreneurs and Managers of made in Italy

105 case histories for an explosion of Italian creativity designed to pave the way to many opportunities as well as challenges in need for a response, particularly strategic for the period we are facing. 105 case histories to fully unlock our students’ potential. Uniting key fields, this course interacts on an unprecedented level, contributing the objective of grasping the ‘triangle’ connecting education, research, innovation, and showing how Italy is a simply extraordinary country.


Eureka GIE and CIRPS to react by building an initiative in the framework of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainability, and Code Red. They decided to offer to Africans a good number of free Online Courses for the award of Professional Diploma as Experts in the candidate’s chosen field. Course Tuition fees before scholarship was around € 2,000.

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