Basic Knowledge And Technologies For Natural Resource Conservation

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Basic Knowledge And Technologies For Natural Resource Conservation

The proposed course aims at connecting young students to the ecology and environmental science, making them citizen scientists and advocate of natural resource conservation and wise management and exploitation in their respective countries. The course is organized giving to the students an introduction on natural resources, i.e., the natural capital, which services are made available by ecosystems to the local populations, and the basic knowledge on ecosystems’ structure, internal dynamics, functioning, service delivering and their responses to natural and anthropogenic perturbations. The course is also introducing students to the technologies for monitoring ecosystems and natural capital dynamics and supporting their conservation, protection and recovery, when both required and feasible in a long-time perspective. The course is close with the discussion of a few study cases, showing to the student the strength and weakness points of a few practical applications of the principle of biological and ecological conservation to natural capital in different typology of ecosystems.


Eureka GIE and CIRPS to react by building an initiative in the framework of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainability, and Code Red.They decided to offer to Africans a good number of free Online Courses for the award of Professional Diploma as Experts in the candidate’s chosen field. Course Tuition fees before scholarship was around € 2,000.

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